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Where Have You Been, RVPics?

Following a three-year absence, RVPics returns with renewed determination to be the most appealing RV photo site on the internet. Our purpose has always been to provide a place where RV'ers can share their adventures through photography and words.

There are a lot of reasons why RVPics took a hiatus, like the economy tanking, the bottom dropping out of the liesure industry or the popularity of Facebook. But going into those would be boring and we certainly don't intend to be that.

At it's peak, the RVPics forums had over 2,500 registered members. It was the only RV site to allow posting of large photos within user posts. It had a reputation of being a friendly, family-oriented place where everyone was treated with respect. It had few rules, was governed by common sense and encouraged individual expression. The result was enthusiastic contribution of enjoyable photos, travelogues, stories and project documetaries.

Join us in rebuilding this community

Here are a few of the things we have to offer:
  • Latest, best software
  • Easy photo upload
  • Easy to use editor
  • Large photos encouraged
  • No ads
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Privacy protection

There is long held misconception that forums are old fashioned and have been replaced by social media. Actually, forums serve a similar but distinct purpose and outperform social media platforms in several areas. This is not meant to be a "forums are better than x" comparison. Here are some thoughts: