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Mod Some 5th wheel Mods and Upgrades

May 13, 2018
Ogden Utah
Since buying our Fifth Wheel Trailer, I’ve found that there were a few things that needed improvement or changed. Hence the following Upgrades or Modifications. The first one was to add a Handle or Grab Bar where you go up the steps to the bedroom and bathroom. A very simple thing to do. I had the dealer install the handle when we picked up the trailer. The handle was affixed to a stud in the wall going up the steps to the Bathroom / Bedroom.

Grab Handle mounted on Stud going up steps to Bathroom and Bedroom

The next thing was Reading Lights for the bedroom. We both like to read at night while in the bed, but the overhead light supplied was just not suitable for reading. If I wanted to read and my DW did not the bright overhead light would keep her awake, So I installed a couple of adjustable led spot or reading Lights. Since the bottom of the overhead cabinets are hollow, it was a simple matter to fish a couple of wires from the overhead light to the 2 reading lights.

Adjustable Reading Lights above Bed affixed to overhead Cabinet.

This 5th wheel has a lack of Duplex Outlets in easy places to plug in things. So I decided to add one to the front of the kitchen counter to plug in the coffee pot and any other small appliance without a bunch of cords and extension cords, hanging from the bottom of the cabinet above where the duplex outlet is. I found that there were 2 blank slots for circuit breakers in the fuse and circuit breaker panel under the stove next to the sink. I bought a single 15 amp circuit breaker at Lowes and a 25 foot roll of romex 2 conducter with Ground. I only needed 7 feet but that was the smallest that they had. I also bought a Duplex Outlet and cover. I ran the romex from the circuit breaker in the panel thru a 1/2 inch hole I drilled into the side wall going under the sink. I routed the wire along the side and the back wall of the sink and up to the duplex outlet that I installed on the front of the sink counter, See Photo Below.

Added Duplex outlet in the front of kitchen counter by Door.

Next was to add some drawers to the bedroom wardrobe cabinet. We did not need a lot of hanging space so I bought 2 plastic 4 drawer cabinets from Walmart to put in the wardrobe one for each side. Really makes it nice to put socks, and underware and things in the drawers and hang a few things in the middle. So that the bottom drawers would clear a lip at the bottom of the wardrobe I put the plastic drawers on small 14 inch long pieces of 2 x 4’s lined on the bottom of the plastic drawers. Fit perfect and now we have better utilization of the wardrobe, at least for us.

Bedroom Wardrobe Slide..

Added Plastic Drawers to Left side of Wardrobe Slide.

Right side of Wardrobe Slide.

I want to add another Duplex Outlet by the side of the stove and some lights in the pantry. Since the fuse, circuit breaker, and power panel is under the stove and there is room for some more fuses and another circuit breaker it should be a easy mod to do. I will update this as I add things. Stay tuned.

Apr 28, 2018
Turlock, CA
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Those are good mod ideas, Mel. I’ve done some similar things to our fifth wheel and will post them when I get a chance. I especially like the little reading lights.