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How To Adding Photos to Your Posts

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While I think that Xenforo 2 is the most versatile software on the market, that versatility can also add some confusion. Here's a quick guide on posting your photos.

1. On your computer, put the photos you want to post in one place, like a folder. You may upload up to 20 images to a post.

2. Place your cursor where you want the top-left corner of your image to appear.

3. From the "Forum View" page of the forum where you want to post, click on the orange 'Post Thread' button. This will bring up the large edit window.


There is also a "Quick Editor" at the top of the Posts list. This does essentially the same thing, but I prefer the method above because it provides a larger window to work in.

4. Back to the Large Edit window. Click on the "Insert Image" button below the post title. A smaller window will appear. You can upload a file, drag and drop the file, or import an image from another website.
-To upload, click in the...

Our First Week Back

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Lots of excitement a week ago. We had a great response from former members.

I've been posting like crazy, hoping to create some interesting material for members to enjoy. A couple of you have also contributed. After an absence of 3 years I know there are a lot of stored up experiences and photos just waiting to burst forth onto our pages.

Hopefully, the Weekly Summary that you received in an email was not intrusive. It's just a little reminder that we're all waiting to hear from you. :)

Review Orange Grove Campground - Bakersfield, CA

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We have found this campground to be handy when we head south. Bakersfield is a good stop for the night. I mean, why would anyone else spend any time there? :rolleyes:
I think we have been there twice. One of those was the time we had problems with the motorhome slideout. The staff is very friendly. Wide gravel spaces. The campground is in the country and smells wonderful if you go at the right time of the year.
The best part is that you are allowed to pick oranges right off the trees. I'm not sure if there is a limit, but I saw some folks picking a whole bag full at a time.
We recommend it... if you have to be in Bakersfield. (y)(y)(y)(y)(y) (Five thumbs up)




Mod Some 5th wheel Mods and Upgrades

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Since buying our Fifth Wheel Trailer, I’ve found that there were a few things that needed improvement or changed. Hence the following Upgrades or Modifications. The first one was to add a Handle or Grab Bar where you go up the steps to the bedroom and bathroom. A very simple thing to do. I had the dealer install the handle when we picked up the trailer. The handle was affixed to a stud in the wall going up the steps to the Bathroom / Bedroom.

Grab Handle mounted on Stud going up steps to Bathroom and Bedroom

The next thing was Reading Lights for the bedroom. We both like to read at night while in the bed, but the overhead light supplied was just not suitable for reading. If I wanted to read and my DW did not the bright overhead light would keep her awake, So I installed a couple of adjustable led spot or reading Lights. Since the bottom of the overhead cabinets are hollow, it was a simple matter to fish a...

Narrative 2008 Berkshire 390QS Motorhome by Forest River -- Part 2

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I know this story is getting long. I thank you for taking the time to read this far. The final chapter describes the continuing demise of our coach and increasing disappointment and frustration with the constant repairs. It is two years later and we were packed up to go the Jackson Rancheria, an RV resort in the Sierra foothills. It was our favorite short-range destination. We were ready to leave when I turned the ignition switch and was greeted with a message on the dashboard: LOW COOLANT. The engine would not start, which I later realized was a safety feature. I had noticed a small puddle under the motorhome previously but had written it off as coming from a nearby lawn sprinkler.

Of course, the first thing I did was to open the rear hatch, check around for obvious leaks then refill the radiator with water. I did see water dripping from under the engine. Starting the engine only produced a bigger leak. When the water ran out of the radiator, the engine shut down again. My next...

Narrative 2008 Berkshire 390QS Motorhome by Forest River -- Part 1

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A Maintenance Nightmare... :(


If you had asked me to tell this story a few years ago I would have refused. It was not something I wanted to talk about. The passing of time has dulled the bad memories. Now I am ready to describe the ordeal. Hopefully, some the information I pass on will be help others to avoid a similar experience.

You hear about RV horror stories all the time, but you never expect to be the one in the story. I had dreamed for many years if owning a motorhome. I didn't want to buy one while I was working as it would not get enough use. Carol and I imagined leaving home for months at a time, traveling around the country with nothing but pleasant memories to bring home. It was kind of like some people dream of their own island paradise in the south Pacific. We were both making good money and socking a lot away into a retirement savings account. Those funds were earmarked for a motorhome... someday.

I have always been...